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Golf Natural Guidance ( “naturalness Guided”) is the educational system created by the national coach Toni Planells implanted in our academies and is based on the things in your daily life and in other sports that you have already learned and therefore the student already knows.

Natural Guidance Golf is adaptable to the skills of each student and therefore allows you to develop your physical and guide you in correct anatomical and biomechanical positions to develop an effective and healthy movement without injury. We will make you a golf player as simple as possible without a paralysis by analysis, that is an overinformation and difficulty in understanding the technique. The ultimate goal is that students understand what to do in a simple and logical way to help you develop an effective, healthy, and repeatable swing in time.

It is proven that people repeat after giving a class with our teaching method, do not miss this experience!

Features of our method :

  • Initial assessment: we want to know the student and schedule objectives.
  • Holistic view: we see globally all aspects to improve of the student : technical , physical , mental , strategy, fitting the material and healthy lifestyles.
  • Learning through playing: We put real game situations from the beginning.
  • Custom: the best schedule for each student depending on their needs .
  • Continuous monitoring: There is a constant communication between coach and student.